Apple Walnut Purée Recipe

Apple Walnut Purée

This recipe came about unexpectedly, as most of them do. Every week, while visiting Toronto, I take a trip to Lakeridge Road to fill up

What My Dog Taught ME…

For those of you who have ever allowed yourself to be fully loved by a dog, will understand my words. The love of an animal
Melanie Kiss in the Gym

Music To My Ears

Music is such a beautiful gift. So many different types of melodies for so many different occasions. We use it to move our bodies, nourish

The Key Ingredient Of Yoga

In a world full of chaos and fast paced life, one tends to forget sometimes about the important things such as breathing. Many of us

The World Of Coffee

Coffee has become a must have in almost every household in today’s world. But is it good for you? What are the pros and cons?

Ginger My Saviour!

Ginger is native to Southeast Asia and China but is now grown in many different countries throughout the world. Ginger has been used in alternative/traditional